Cell Phone Drop Test

Input Files

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A common application of explicit analysis is the simulation of drop tests for consumer electronics.

This example is of a simplified representation of a Cell Phone dropped from 1.5m onto a rigid plane.



Options and Keywords Used

Keyword documentation may be found in the reference guide available from

OpenRadioss User Documentation

  • 2nd Order Tetrahedral Elements (/TETRA10)

  • Rigid wall (/RWALL) (Rigid Plane)

  • Initial velocity (/INIVEL) for drop velocity

  • Gravity load (/GRAV)

  • Tied Interfaces for components (/INTER/TYPE2)

Model Description

The simplified Cell Phone model is constructed from 130000 solid (Hex and Tetra elements)

The ground plane is represented by a rigid wall

Initial velocity is defined to represent a drop height of 1.5m

The phone case is modeled using /MAT/PLAS_TAB (LAW36) with a plastic stress/strain curve, all other parts are modeled as Elastic (/MAT/LAW1)


OpenRadioss is capable of modelling drop test events on electronic devices, aiding the design process and optimisation of phone and case design.