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OpenRadioss Website

The OpenRadioss Blog

OpenRadioss at GitHub

An Open Letter to the Radioss Community

Testimonial Videos

OpenRadioss Code of Conduct

Acceptable Use Policy

OpenRadioss Testimonials and Launch Video

OpenRadioss Testimonials and Launch Video

📕 Guide For Users and Contributors

Whether you want to contribute code yourself or use pre-compiled OpenRadioss these pages give you the information you require


The OpenRadioss project code is hosted at GitHub

OpenRadioss at GitHub

Getting Started With OpenRadioss and GitHub - Tutorial

How To Contribute to OpenRadioss (GitHub Link)

ℹ️ Documentation

If you would like to contribute to the OpenRadioss project, you should read the developer guide as an introduction to the code structure and best practices

OpenRadioss Developer Guide

If you would like to run/use OpenRadioss a guide on how to run the code, and user documentation can be found here

Running OpenRadioss

OpenRadioss User Documentation

Pre and Post Processing

Options for building OpenRadioss models and reading results

Pre and Post Processing for OpenRadioss

Example Models

Some example models to try OpenRadioss for yourself

Example Models

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