Rubber 'O-Ring' Seal Installation

Input Files

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This is a simple example of the installation of a Rubber O-Ring Seal


Options and Keywords Used

Keyword documentation may be found in the reference guide available from

OpenRadioss User Documentation

  • /IMPDISP/FGEO Imposed Displacement to a final reference geometry

  • /INTER/TYPE7 Contact with ‘Tstart’ Time to delay contact start

  • /MAT/LAW42 Ogden Rubber Material for Seal

Model Description

O-Ring, Seat and Tool

2 Contacts (Tool to O-Ring, and Seat to O-Ring)

The tool expands the seal, the contact between seal and seat is enabled, the tool retracts again

Units: mm, s, Tonnes, N, MPa

Model Method

The O-Ring starts off inside (and smaller than) the seat in which it is to be installed

The installation is achieved by use of a ‘tool’ part utilising the /IMPDISP/FGEO option to apply a displacement linearly to achieve a final shape (stretching the O-Ring Outward

The contact between the O-Ring and it’s seat is not switched on, until later in the simulation, when the tool is then retracted again allowing the seal to settle back into position


Simple method to pre-position a seal