Tensile Test Model in LS-DYNA® format


A key feature of OpenRadioss is the ability to run models in the LS-DYNA®* input format, the .key files may be submitted directly in OpenRadioss and the input is interpreted by the Solver. In this example, a simple LS-DYNA format tensile test may be run.

Tensile test simulations provide a valuable means of verification and validation of material models before proceeding to more complex component level or system level simulations

Input File

Model File (22kB)

Instructions For Use

Download the input file and submit in OpenRadioss

see also: Running OpenRadioss

Simplified running and post-processing with ParaView

The bash script below, takes a .k jobname and number of cpu as input, runs the job on the requested number of cpu (in mpi mode), converts Anim files to vtk and T01 to csv, then opens the results in paraview

The paths for radioss execs and converter execs (lines 3,4,12 and 15) are coded as local, you can update the paths to your installation locations

once edited save as e.g. ‘runkfile.sh’ and make executable chmod -777 runkfile.sh

once saved, the terminal input to use the script is e.g. ./runkfile.sh zug_test3_RS.k 2 (it should work for any .key file)

this would run the job on 2 cpu, convert the results and load them into ParaView

myjobname=$(echo "$1" | rev | cut -c3- | rev) echo $myjobname "running in OpenRadioss" ./starter_linux64_gf -i $myjobname".k" -np $2 -nt 4 mpiexec -n $2 .engine_linux64_gf_ompi -i $myjobname"_0001.rad" -nt 1 BASEDIR=$(dirname "$0") cd $BASEDIR for file in $BASEDIR/*; do if [ -n "${file: -3}" ] && [ "${file: -3}" -eq "${file: -3}" ] 2>/dev/null && [[ "${file: -4:1}" == "A" ]]; then ./anim_to_vtk_linux64_gf $file > "$file.vtk" echo "$file is converted" elif [[ "${file: -3}" == "T01" ]] ;then ./th_to_csv_linux64_gf $file CSV="$file.csv" fi done paraview $BASEDIR/$myjobname"A..vtk" $CSV exit

Results (in HyperView, HyperGraph)


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